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Who is Lauren Edgerton?

 Lauren was a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a great-grand-daughter, a niece, a friend, a scholar and an athlete; she was wise beyond her years, an "old soul." She was kind, smart, funny, and always wanted to help. It's immeasurable how many lives she touched and influenced in the 16 years she was with us. She believed goals were accomplished by working hard, and was kind to those who struggled and needed her help. She was a leader amongst her peers, and she is greatly missed!

The Lauren Edgerton Foundation was founded in memory of Lauren Elizabeth Edgerton, a student at Eastern Tech High School, who loved academics and sports and excelled in both. She was taken away far too soon at the age of sixteen on May 30, 2009. Lauren was a visionary, a leader amongst her peers. At the age of fourteen, Lauren began thinking about the lack of safe places for her peers to go to outside of their homes where they could go to meet with friends, engage in study groups, and work out, all under the same roof. A safe place, a place they could call their own. A place that pre-teens and teens could to go when they needed a break. If their home environment became too challenging and they needed a “cooling off” spot, this would be their “go to” place.

Now, with the help of volunteers, fundraisers, donations, grants and business partnerships, we aspire to build Lauren’s Place. We will provide pre-teens and teens from our community a charitable environment that will inspire camaraderie creativity, studying, fitness; and will offer them many useful services.

Please join our Mission to bring Lauren's vision to life. Help us help Lauren's friends, peers and their siblings by building Lauren's Place. This will be an AMAZING facility that is very much needed in our community and will provide incredible services. Click here for more details and to view the floor plans. 

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